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Prefix: e! Library: discord.js

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XBL Cartel#0092


ELO music is a music bot it's easy to use you can lookup a song with the song tittle or url

Help list | Bot by x3hy#0280

e!invite Server invite and bot invite.

e!play Play audio from YouTube.

e!search Searchโ€™s for up to 10 videos from YT.

e!skip Skip a song or multi songs with skip [some number].

e!queue Display the current queue.

e!pause Pause music playback.

e!resume Resume music playback.

e!remove Remove a song from the queue by position.

e!volume Adjust the playback volume between 1 and 200.

e!leave Clears the song queue and leaves the channel.

e!clear Clears the song queue.

e!np Show the current playing song.